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Porsche Boxster SWhen you mention Porsche, the model that springs to most people’s minds is the Porsche 911. This can be forgiven as the 911 undoubtedly remains the company’s most popular sports car, but it’s easy to see why the Boxster is such a sought after vehicle. Lighter, more agile and arguably easier to live with, the Boxster is an excellent offering. With a drop top, plenty of creature comforts and a rapturous Porsche flat-6 soundtrack (that is in full force with the roof down!) the Porsche Boxster offers something the 911 never will…a mid-engine and neutral handling.

MID-RWD - Mid engined, rear wheel drive
Engine: Mid
Driven wheels: Rear

Neutral handling? Mid-engine? Why’s that important I hear you cry…take 30 seconds to check out how quick this guy’s hands need to move in this video to save a rear-engined Porsche 911 GT2 from disaster. An extreme example, yes, but it demonstrates nicely that the 911 as a rear engined beast does not provide for neutral handling and is why the mid-engined layout of the Boxster is considered superior by many motoring aficionados.

The Boxster started life in 1996 as the ‘986’ model and has had two model upgrades since. The previous generation Boxster, the ‘987’, was upgraded mid-life. This ‘987’ model was offered a 2.7L engine initially, later upgraded to a 2.9L generating 188kW, where the ‘S’ variant (which is the more powerful variant of any range in the Porsche catalogue) was upgraded to a 3.4L boasting 228kW from the initial 3.2L.

The current Porsche Boxster, the ‘981’, is powered by a completely new 2.7L flat-6 with , while the ‘S’ variant retains the 3.4L unit from the previous generation, though upgrades are present by way of some mechanical fettling.

Most variants of the current Boxster hover around or under the 5 second mark for a 0-100km/h sprint – make no mistake, the Boxster is no slouch! So have confidence, drop the top and take a long drive in a Boxster – you won’t regret it!

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