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When it comes to thoroughbred sports cars, classic Ferraris top the list of many enthusiasts worldwide. Colloquially known as the “junior” Ferrari range, the Ferrari 206 through to the current Ferrari 458 Italia represent the smallest but also the most practical sports cars of the marque. Nevertheless, this group of Ferraris contain some of the most sought after and collectible cars ever produced.

Ferrari Junior SupercarThe widely celebrated Ferrari 458, gets its name from its 4.5 litre 8 cylinder power plant. The capability from the 458 in terms of its huge grip and potential for outlandish speeds is enough to rival any modern supercar.  In contrast, the earlier Ferraris may be considered more characterful both in their build and power delivery, and are certainly more notable for their rawness and mechanical feel.

The trailblazer of the series, the 206 was ahead of its time when released in 1968. As with most race-like road going cars, the 206 was born of Ferrari’s need to produce a car for homologation purposes in order to race in the Formula 2 category of the time. Here was a road going car that was built with the automotive engineering knowledge of the 60’s, weighed around 900kgs and was capable of 235km/h!

MID-RWD - Mid engined, rear wheel drive
Engine: Mid
Driven wheels: Rear

Of course, Dino was a separate ‘sub-brand’ of Ferrari and didn’t officially get subsumed back into Ferrari until 1976. Ferrari’s racing heritage has always been prevalent in its road cars.  Many of its historical sports cars were created in order to compete in race series such as the Formula 2. Whilst Ferrari’s road cars benefit from racing developments in different ways today, Ferrari has always raced.

Fast forward to the 208 and 308 of the late 1970’s, and we find Ferrari’s first introduction of their V8 engines. These cars were very successful for Ferrari. The 328, released in 1986, was a replacement for the 308 which had gone relatively unchanged for 8 years.  The 328 saw a mixture of 206 and 208/308 in the body work, with a curvaceous front and rear quarter working well to smooth overall lines of the car.

With the 348TB, Ferrari started getting serious about fighting off other, mostly Italian, supercar marques that were stealing some of their popularity in the late 1980s. With a 3.4L V8 producing 300hp or 224kw, this was a very powerful car and was fitted with racing derived components, such as a dry-sump and an adjustable suspension system. The car’s styling was obviously cued from other Ferraris of the time, including the popular Ferrari Testarossa.

The evolution of the junior Ferraris from the F355 onwards saw Ferrari increasingly using technology from its racing ventures, shifting from manual only gearboxes to ‘F1’ style paddle shifted automatics and ever increasing the power and grip, both mechanically and through means of technology. The 360, 430 and now 458 demonstrate Ferrari’s never ending search for perfection, increasing power, keeping the cars as light as possible and including ever more sophisticated technological advancements.

As far as driving a racing car on public roads goes, driving a Ferrari is as close as any real world car enthusiast is going to get. With racing heritage that has roots way back to the 1920s you know when you sit in a Ferrari that you are sitting in a piece of history – no matter the model.

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