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You can use the search box below to find more than 60 different cars from six different reputable suppliers across Sydney. Looking for a sports car, classic car, super car, prestige car, performance prestige or luxury car for self drive rental in Sydney? Look no further, you can find all the cars worth knowing about here…

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  • American Muscle
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  • Prestige Performance
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You can search for:

  • Make – e.g. Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, etc.
  • Model – e.g. Porsche 911, Ferrari F430, Audi A5, etc.
  • Colour – e.g. Red, Silver, Blue, etc.
  • Transmission – e.g. Manual, Auto, Paddleshift
  • Type of car – Any one of: Classic car, sports car, prestige, prestige performance, modern classic, American muscle, super car

There’s a few things which are best searched as one whole word. Try to avoid hyphens (“-“):

  • Number of seats – e.g. 2seats, seats2, etc.
  • Price Guidance Groups – e.g. groupB, groupb, GROUPB, etc.

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