Lexus IS250 cabriolet, Sydney – Self-drive hire


Price Guidance: Group C.
Prices start from $325 /day. Lexus IS250 cabriolet offered by Luxury Car Hire. Silver, automatic.


Lexus IS250 cabriolet offered for self drive rental by Luxury Car Hire in Sydney.

Class & Period Prestige – Compact Executive – Modern
Pricing Price Guidance: Group C
Location Willoughby, Sydney, NSW
Other Relevant Classes
Colour Silver
Transmission Type Automatic
Body Shape Convertible
Layout Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
Number of Seats 5 seats
Year of Manufacture Unknown
Country of Origin Japan

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Note – The image shown above is indicative of but is not the actual vehicle. The actual vehicle may differ in appearance from the image shown. [Image creator: Tim Wang on Flickr]

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