STOLEN: Our Nissan Patrol GQ white

$1,000 reward* for return of stolen Patrol GQ.  No questions asked.

** Stolen car possibly parked up publicly somewhere until thieves are sure no GPS tracker is fitted **

White Nissan Patrol stolen from near Ashfield Park, Sydney between Easter Sunday 27th March 10pm and Monday 28th 10.40am.

Stolen Nissan Patrol - Lost city - Front & side

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Distinctive Features To Look Out For
  • – Roof rack
  • – Awnings side and rear
  • – Muddy tyres (BFGoodrich Mud-Terrains)
  • – Snorkel
  • – Full length LED bar on roof
  • – Silver front roo bar fitted small LED bar
  • – 2 inch lift over standard height
  • – Rego: QIL 780 (but probably not on car any longer)
  • – Rock sliders on each side

Stolen Nissan Patrol - Stockton - Rear & sideStolen Nissan Patrol - 1 front side - when purchased

Stolen Nissan Patrol - Stockton - Front & side* Will reserve right to reduce depending on:

  • –  how trashed the car is.
  • – any other reasonable factor
  • – or split the reward if many people help


Distinctive Features If You Think You Might Have Found It
  • – 1994 Nissan Patrol GQ (RX)
  • – Auto
  • – 4.2l petrol
  • – 273,000kms (ish)


  • – Is a 7 seater but rearmost 2 seats removed and drawers installed instead.  Cargo barrier also installed.
  • – Driver side mid seats are currently also removed


  • – Worn out “Old Man Emu” suspension sticker on driver side rear window
  • – New ARB St Peters stick on rear window
  • – Some sort of Nissan Patrol NSW Owners Club stick on back too
  • – Some weird sort of monkey sticker rear passenger side
  • – “EFI” and “RX” stickers wearing off

Body condition

  • – No major damage (few little dents here and there, nothing to speak of)
  • – Paint condition – White paint blown off by pressure washer middle/above front windscreen. Same at the rear (stopped using pressure washer after that) – Grey primer showing.
  • – Above rear wheel arches on “puttied” seams the white had been worn off either side by use of a buffer

Engine Bay

  • – Unique 12v system as I did it myself, wasn’t even 100% finished… recognisable by ARB battery tray on right hand side of engine re-purposed with 3 fuses boxes for AUX BATTERY, STARTER BATTERY, and ACC all labelled. ACC isn’t even wired in.
  • – Rear fuse box mounted with inverter and 6 way 240v extension on wooden board mounted behind (removed) mid right seat.


  • – Front windsreen is cracked from the bottom in a sort of backward “C” shape