Sydney Bad Driving Caught on Dashcam

Inaugural TDG Mashup Video of Sydney Bad Driving Caught on Dashcam

I’ve been running a dashcam for about a year now. Ever since, in fact, I watched a few YouTube clips of Australian drivers with dashcams catching out insurance scammers reversing their vehicles at the lights and claiming they were rear ended.

After installing the dashcam I kept saying to myself (a lot) that I should keep a copy of that particular ‘one’ every time someone did something particularly stupid on Sydney’s roads. Well, I started from about November 2014 and now I have quite a little collection. I colloquially call these my “Idiot Cam” videos.

So here it is, my inaugural “Idiot Cam” mashup:

Bad Driving, Sydney - YouTube

To ask you to enjoy viewing it is the wrong expression, but check it out … on a serious side, any of these could have been an accident so there’s an important road safety message. Stay alert and drive courteously.