Sydney Classic Car Hire 2014/15 Fleet Launch

Article content: A good look at the Sydney Classic Car Hire Fleet at their 2014 Fleet Launch day.

With my invitation ticket in my sweaty palms I headed up to the picturesque, if somewhat remote, Sydney Classic Car Hire fleet launch location at Wisemans Ferry. The prize? An opportunity to see (most of) the Sydney Classic Car Hire (SCCH) Fleet all in the one place.

With a massive stroke of luck, SCCH avoided a seventh straight day of rain in exchange for beautiful clear skies and the warming glow of the sun.

The Event

The event was lightly attended, perhaps due to the remoteness of the location, but nevertheless Keith McIlroy (SCCH’s owner) and his daughter, Alexia, were in good spirits and were quick to come over and chat about the cars, and how the rentals work. The cruise at 2.30pm where all the fleet went on a 6km drive all together with as many passengers as they could take was an enjoyable part of the day and highlight of the event.

How It All Works

The cars are either owned by the company, or are privately owned. That means that there’s no central pick up point. You simply go to the owner’s house to collect the cars, and they will run you through the paperwork and a briefing about the car.

The Cars

There were some standout fantastic looking cars:
The English marques: The Jaguar MkII, the MG TD(?)
The American muscle cars looked exquisitely detailed, i.e. the Chevrolet Stingray, each of the three Ford Mustangs and the Chevrolet Impala.
Of the Euro cars the Porsche 911S did it for me.
And of the Aussie cars the Holden EK looked awesome.
There were a few disappointments:
The BMW M3 E36 looked tired. The front rego plate holder cracked.
The Jaguar E-Type was odd. It had long doors, a long wheel base, and a Toyota gear box which left me wondering if it was a kit car rather than a genuine Jag.

The quite significant variation in the quality of the cars (maintenance, valeting and presentation) is probably due to the varying care, attention and investment each of the owners put into their vehicles.

Nonetheless, there’s plenty of good apples in the fleet, and a few bookings from me in the not too distant future is not out of the question. My eye is on the 1969 Porsche 911.


A fun day out and an interesting inspection of the fleet. My advice is to ask to go and look at the vehicle prior to making a booking.

BTW – The roads around Wisemans Ferry are great. The trip from Webbs Creek Ferry to St. Albans was fun, I’ll avoid the unsealed road back from St. Albans to Wisemans Ferry on Settlers Rd next time though!